Standard Services

OPENING OF POOL – Using existing pool water, removal of cover, install pool equipment, start filter system, fire heater, test and balance pool water.

CLOSING OF POOL – Lowering water level, removal of necessary equipment, (equipment to be stored on owners property), drain and plug all pool water lines, drain filter and heater, and install pool cover.

DRAIN & CLEAN – Complete draining, cleaning and washing of the interior pool surface. Start filling with owners fresh water, owner to monitor filling and notify Greenwich Pool Service when pool is full (i.e. as high as possible for initial start up).

PAINTING – Application of one coat of paint to interior pool surface. SURFACE PREPARATION (e.g. masonry repairs, sandblasting, scraping, sanding, pressure washing and epoxy paint) provided at addition charge.

WEEKLY VACUUM SERVICE – Vacuum pool, empty pump and skimmer baskets, back wash filter, test and balance pool water. Price based on routine visit (to be accomplished under one hour). Vacuums that require one or more hours due to excessive debris, storm, vandalism, etc., will be performed on an hourly basis. Owner is to maintain proper water level throughout the season.

INITIAL VACUUM CLEANING – Vacuum pool to waste and brush. Some sediment will occur after brushing.

WINTER MAINTENANCE – Scheduled monthly visits from November through March for complete winter maintenance, test and balance pool water, refilling chemical floaters, check cover and adjust, monitor of water level, lowering of water level as needed.